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Bling-tastic Tuesday…or Wednesday Vol. 3

Let’s get reeeaaddyyy for the Tuesday (or Wednesday) spectacular bling-tacular!!!!!

Riiiighhhhttt, so, I got home from work late last nite (if left to my own devices, I become a work-ahloic, so this really isn’t much of a surprise on a daily basis), so instead of the nail polish application tutorial I had originally planned for today, you guys can get blingy with it. 😉

Again, b/c I feel guilty for not delivering as promised, I’m posting photos for two different manicures.

First up I have a nice metallic foil (I’ll admit it, I really like foils!) from Orly called Luxe. This was part of their Foil FX collection that came out earlier this year. It’s still available along w/ a rose colored foil called Rage and a silver foil called Shine from Head2Toe Beauty for $3.75/bottle. I picked this up at Ulta earlier this summer on a whim b/c I thought to myself I didn’t have anything like a gold foil and this fit the bill perfectly!
Orly Luxe

Orly Luxe-closeup
This applied nicely and I didn’t have too much trouble w/ visible brush strokes. This actually made me think of Minx Nails and made me think I could probably do a neat manicure using my Konad stamping tools. Yet another idea for a post. 🙂

The next shiny I have for you should be pretty familiar. This was Nfu Oh #45 from yesterday over Zoya America. I thought the red flakies might pop more over a colored base, but I dunno…I kinda like it applied without a colored base.
Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya America1

Nfu Oh #45 over Zoya America
Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya America3

Nfu Oh #45 alone
Nfu Oh 45-closeup2

Nfu Oh #45 over Zoya America
Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya America2

Did satisfy your bling need for the week?


Bling-tastic Tuesday…or Wednesday Vol. 2

Well, I’m kind of disappointed. No feedback when I post eyeballs??? Maybe I’ll wait another 24 hours before I rant, LOL.

Disregarding that, I have more glitter for you! Last week’s glitter french manicure seemed to go over pretty well, so I actually did another one. This time the glitter on the tips was a little more obvious since I used OPI Absolutely Alice.
Glitter french manicure-Absolutely Alice

Glitter french manicure-Absolutely Alice closeup
This was a Zoya Shimmer base under OPI Absolutely Alice tips.

But how boring would that be if that were the only thing I shared w/ you??? I felt guilty about not throwing in something new, so I’ve also got photos of one of my newest obsessions-flakies! (Of which I completely blame Nicole from Magic Maid for. See, she even admits to being my enabler here! LOL)

What are flakies you ask? They’re irregular shaped flakes of some opalescent material suspended in a non-colored base. The result when you layer it over a colored nail polish is like lighting it on fire! The light catches so many different colors as you move your hand around, it just completely transforms the base color. Lookie!
Nubar 2010 over Orly Royal Navy

Nubar 2010 over Orly Royal Navy closeup
This was Nubar 2010 (flakie layer) over Orly Royal Navy.

Not impressed? Then clearly I need to do a better photography job the next time. B/c, oh, there WILL be a next time! Bwahahaha!…ok, now that the sleep deprivation has subsided, I claim that there will be more b/c I placed an order at FabulouStreet.com for more flakies w/ more, differenter (again, “That’s not even a WORD!”) opalescence. Confused? You won’t be after this week’s episode of…Soap! <—Whew! Sorry about that, the sleep deprivation is really setting in and I'll need to go to bed earlier today, but I just had to let that one out. Heehee!

Ok, well, that's all for now. I'll be working on that much promised polish application tutorial which I hope to publish at the end of this week/weekend.

Cheers for now, lovelies! 🙂

Bling-tastic Tuesday…or Wednesday

Hello lovelies!

Have you guys missed me? All of my one or two faithful readers? No?

Have I been bombarding your Twitter feed enough w/ my daily inanities? Which reminds me, I should probably add a disclaimer to my profile that I tweet…A LOT.

Anywhosits, work has been super crazy (but in this business it always is, so that’s a good thing, right???). Right. So, crazy work has prevented me from paying this blog some much needed attention. Which makes me a sad panda. I’ve even barely had time to stay on top of my favorite blogs (Magic Maid, Scrangie, Vampy Varnish, I’m talking to you, even though I don’t think my humble, little blog gets traffic like that…).

Well, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do w/ my blog. I mean, posting photos is one thing, but I feel like there has to be a little more to my blog to make it interesting and want people to read it (aside from my charming banter…entropy, people, entropy…stay w/ me!).

I think one of the things I’ll be doing, based on this unnatural love of glitter, seriously anything glittery makes me lose my mind and ability to focus…right, focus! I believe I’ll be doing a post on the different faces (there aren’t a ton, but it’s *bling*!) of glitter polishes.

Without further ado, my first glitter manicure for this series.

Glitter french manicure

Glitter french manicure-closeup

Layers from base coat to top coat:
Base coat: Butter London-Nail Foundation
One coat Zoya in Shimmer
Two coats of OPI in Mad As A Hatter on the tips
Two coats of Seche Vite (favoritest top coat EVAR!)

I was feeling a little manic yesterday (I find most Mondays to go that way, don’t you?) and thought, “You know what would be totally awesome??? If I used a slight shimmer polish over the whole nail bed then finished it off with, OMG, GLITTER TIPS!!!!!” This was a modified manicure that I’d seen done while I was in Sweden late last year and early this year that I totally fell in love with. Perhaps not the most professional manicure, but I haven’t been served w/ a cease and desist at work, so it should be ok, right? 😉

Is this bling-y enough? Any suggestions for next week?

Random Nail Spam

I’ve had these pics for a while and finally got them off my camera last Sunday. So today you get a random mix of pic spam featuring my nails!

On a side note, how weird is it to see these disembodied hands all the time? Today it’s hands, tomorrow, when I finally get off my ass and do some damn eye looks, it’ll be eyeballs!

ANYWAYS, here’s a random sampling of polishes I’ve been wearing this summer. (I have a feeling random posts like this will happen often since that’s just how I roll-just part of daily entropy courtesy of moi!):

OPI-Charged Up Cherry: This is a great pink creme for the summer. When I got it out of my drawer it was sitting right next to my bottle of OPI-Pink Flamenco and I although both bright pinks they’re pretty different. Charged Up Cherry has a little more orange to it and comes off a little brighter than Pink Flamenco and maybe better for warmer skin tones. Pink Flamenco runs a little cooler and a little bluer and maybe just a touch darker than Charged up Cherry.
Charged Up Cherry Pink Flamenco

China Glaze-Four Leaf Clover: This is one of the weirdest polishes I’ve ever photographed. I took photos indoors w/ flash and outdoors w/ flash and the actual color still isn’t apparent in the photos. The actual color looks quite a bit different-which is darker and greener and not quite so blue. This is actually one of the polishes responsible for starting my new green polish obsession. How can you not like it? It’s such a unique and love shade of green. 🙂 I think All Lacquered Up has better swatches.

Four Leaf Clover-Indoors w/ flash
FourLeafClover-Indoors with flash

Four Leaf Clover-Outdoors, no flash

Zoya-Mimi and Happi: Mimi is from the Sparkle collection and Happi is from the Spring Reverie collection. I’m a sucker for purple glitter so I love Mimi and Happi is just so darn happy. It’s not your ordinary pink-it has flashes of gold and green which make this pink subtly different from other pinks in your collection.
Mimi-indoors w/ flash

Mimi-outdoors, no flash

Happi-Indoors w/ flash
Happi-Indoors with flash

I’m totally loving bright, sparkly colors for summer, but w/ the fall colors coming out already, I can’t wait for the fall now! Which is funny, b/c I remember being impatient for the spring/summer to start so I could start using those colors. Anyone else find that happening to them?

First Post

It’s Saturday night (technically Sunday morning as it’s 1:27 in the AM) and I’m at home after having watched the fabulous Kathy Griffin perform at the Fox Theater. In my typical scatter-brained manner, I’m petting my cat, surfing the web, Tweeting, and IMing w/ one of my besties, Diana (the art maven responsible for the designs you will see here, and yes Brad, you get a shout-out too!) whilst listening to my husband attempt to organize the unwieldy music collection currently on his 1.5 TB HD (which we’re still not sure will fit the rest of the music collection which hasn’t been digitized and consists of approximately 2,000+ CDs). However, I digress; I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think up catchy/appealing blog names. B/c everybody knows when trying to launch something as important (please note the sarcasm) as a beauty blog, one must pay special attention to branding.

In any case, I’ve been babbling about blog names to pretty much anyone who will listen (so sadly this falls to the aforementioned husband and bestie). There have been numerous attempts at capturing the essence that is me and my scatterbrained existence. By day, I’m an engineer at a Li-Ion battery company in the Midwest (for those in to alternative energy, this shouldn’t be too difficult to narrow down). By night, I collapse from exhaustion from the long hours I work (it’s true!) on the couch w/ kitties and nail polish. Thankfully I manage to avoid nail polish on the cats. 😉

(Yeah…so the rest of this post is written like 2 weeks after the initial two paragraphs above.)
SO, based on these factors, I’d been tossing around ideas that conveyed a generic nail polish/cosmetics theme or that also incorporated science/engineering w/ cosmetics. One of the names considered, but ultimately tossed out was “Lucky Lacquer” which seemed pretty cute. Unfortunately, a similar URL had already been taken http://www.luckylacquers.com which, for the record, has nothing to do w/ nail polish.

Another was pretty brilliant, in my opinion, but made for an impossibly long URL which, let’s be honest ladies, you don’t want to spend five minutes trying to figure out how you misspelled madamecuriesmakeupbox.com. The latter was actually something the hubby came up w/ in an attempt to help me identify a viable blog name and end the obsession surrounding THAT little quest. He then informed me of one the names he thought of, but mentally tossed aside: Makeup and Entropy with the related tagline, “Creating disorder from order and looking glamorous while doing it.”

LIGTHBULB! That was fatntastic! How he could have thought that was a discardable (yeah, “That’s not even a word!” Props to anyone who can name what that little gem is from) is beyond me. Thus, the idea of Makeup and Entropy was born!

So, what is Makeup and Entropy you ask? Why yes, I am getting to a point in a rather convoluted way! Makeup and entropy is pretty self explanatory, well, I suppose once you know what entropy means-it’s basically a measure of microscopic disorder in a system (WOOT! Using my ChE degree after all! TOTALLY worth the small fortune I’m still in debt for to get it!)

ANYWAYS, anyone who’s close to me knows exactly how disorganized and random I am. My poor husband has often found the remote control in various locations around the house other than in the living room-where it belongs. I’m also the type to start a small task, then walk away from it, completely forgetting what I’d initially intended to do, you know, such mundane things as feed the cats. >.> Hence, why I use “entropy” to describe this blog’s ramblings about cosmetics-a sick, beautiful addiction I have. So much so, that it was suggested that I start a blog to share that obsession w/ the masses.

In my day to day life, it’s pretty amazing for me to manage getting out of the house put together in any way. *I* like to think I manage to look glamorous (or at the very least, presentable) when walking out the door.

Perhaps my new reading audience can help me out w/ that-let me know what you think about my swatches and looks? Help me grow and be a better blogger and cosmetics photographer? 😉

Well…if not, there’s always talking to myself!

For now, please enjoy the entropy inspired offering of various nail polish swatches.


This was my 4th of July manicure-Lippmann Collection Happy Birthday over Zoya America.
Lippmann Happy Birthday over Zoya America

Chanel Illusion D’or over China Glaze For Audrey
Chanel Illusion D'or over CG For Audrey

An impulse buy at CVS that did not disappoint, Sally Hansen Spectrum:

Orly Charged Up-It looked so nice and purple-y!
Charged Up

From China Glaze’s Summer 2010 Poolside collection, Pool Party. This was a reddish pink that looked amazing on. It positively glowed and looked great on my skin and I think would look just great on someone w/ a tan.
Pool Party

For reference I’m NC42. So, what do you guys think? Let me know!

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