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Chanel Particuliére and Nouvelle Vague

Ok, I don’t have Particuliére to show you, but if you missed out on that or Nouvelle Vague (both were pretty hard to find IIRC), you can get them at Chanel.com. Particuliére was pretty hot for fall/winter last year and Nouvelle Vague is, I believe, representative of Pantone’s 2010 Color of the Year.

Probably the most I’ve ever paid for a bottle of nail polish, but they’re just some of the prettiest polishes I’ve ever bought. I have Nouvelle Vague and Paradoxal posted below and I still have yet to use Black Velvet which came out earlier this year and applies w/ a satin finish. It actually comes out looking a little more edgy, a little more dominatrix-y, maybe like pleather?

Chanel Paradoxal
I’m completely enamored with this polish. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s a gorgeous greyed and simultaneously browned purple w/ some subtle shimmer that just gives it a little more interest. Also, I don’t claim this that often, but the application was a dream for this polish; it applied like butter and was so smooth!

Chanel Nouvelle Vague
Yeah, this is totally a crappy photo that I took, so clearly I will have to try it on and take more pics. 😉

SO, if you ladies liked these and have $$$ to burn, I highly recommend Paradoxal and Illusion D’or as must-haves. Nouvelle Vague and Black Velvet are more like nice-to-haves.