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Bling-tastic Tuesday…or Wednesday Vol. 5

Let’s get ready for the Tuesday…or Wednesday bling-tacular spectacular!!!

First thing’s first, don’t forget to check out the last of yesterday’s posts where I talk about my first ever giveaway here!

Haha, ok, now that I’ve got that off my chest, how’s your Hump Day going? Mine is crazy busy (well, I think all the work days of the week are for me!) between “normal” work activities, travel planning for business trips this month and next, as well as the hot issues of the day, I’m not sure how I have time to breathe.

This is actually why Mr. Entropy and I took off for a week to Traverse City, MI-that’s a city that’s right on Lake Michigan on the western side of the state. I’d never been to that part of the state and we’ve been a little cash poor after the emergency, uninsured feline spinal surgery earlier this year.

[Tangent] The little, orange guy in the photo below was having trouble walking at the beginning of this year. When we took him to an emergency specialist the weekend his hind legs completely failed him (we had already taken him to the vet twice in the span of 1.5 weeks), we found out he had ruptured a disc in his spine. This required a very expensive MRI and surgery. He’s no longer as mobile as he once was, and he can’t run and jump like he wants to, but he can stand, walk and use his litter box all by himself now, so we’re pretty pleased. 🙂
Duke closeup1

Anyways, we rented this beautiful condo that was probably less than a five minute drive from downtown Traverse City that was on the second floor of what was the Northern Michigan Asylum. Yeah, you read that right. The place we stayed used to be a mental institution! Those who know me fairly well would assert that this would be an appropriate venue for us to stay. 😉

So, while we were there. Gilt had a sale on several designs of Converse including styles like Chuck Taylors and Jack Purcells. It was during this sale that I saw these bad boys and HAD TO HAVE THEM!
Ombre Sequin Converse Chucks

Yep, those are indeed ombre sequinned Chuck Taylors in lovely, varying shades of blue. I’ve decided that they are my fancy sneakers for when I want to be classy and add a touch of bling to my outfit. 😉

Speaking of bling, I didn’t want to leave you hanging w/ just one shoe pic to get blingy w/ it. The polish I’ve decided to showcase today is by Color Club called Revvvolution from their Spring 2009 collection, “Femme Fatale.” Yep, three “V”s. It’s cooler that way. 😉

As you can see below, it’s a really unique dark grey/black holo much like OPI’s My Private Jet (or so I’m told b/c I don’t own it for comparison). I can’t say enough how gorgeous and amazing this polish is. You could get away w/ just one coat of this stuff, but just for posterity, I used two coats. I also couldn’t decide between all the photos I took so you get to stare at the four below. 🙂




If you really love this, I got this polish from Head2Toe Beauty for only $2.75!

Has anybody else fallen in love w/ Revvvolution?


China Glaze, Vintage Vixen-Part 1

Happy Tuesday!

As you can see there are a few minor changes. They layout is a WordPress layout called Coraline. I opted to use one of my own photos for the header and it’s a squished distorted photo that I took of a roadside landscape on a highway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque in New Mexico. Hopefully this layout is a little easier to navigate and read.

SO, first up on the new, improved (and hopefully more consistent) blog, I have for you China Glaze’s Fall 2010 collection Vintage Vixen-Hotsy Totsy. This will be the first post of two for Vintage Vixen since there are actually two sets of six in the collection-Hotsy Totsy and Cat’s Meow which will go up tomorrow.

This is one of the collections I’d been really looking forward to considering the range of finishes (metallics, foils, and shimmers, oh my!) and different colors offered in the collection.

These polishes actually launched in July and have been available at Sally Beauty Supply stores, for a few weeks. I’ve been sitting on these since August, I think. Clearly, I need to be getting these sooner!

Jitterbug – KristiB, this one has your name all over it! It’s a gunmetal-y grey with a touch of blue and a little sparkley bling to punch it up a notch.


Swing Baby – Some champagne, a little silver, maybe a little gold too, a hint of pink and a touch of classy make this something I could totally see Vintage Vixen rocking out on the dance floor.
Swing Baby

Swing Baby-closeup

Bogie – The name makes me think of Lauren Bacall in a smokey room in a black and white movie w/ just the right lighting. The actual color seems to go w/ that theme in my mind. It’s a very rich and smoky purple with enough bling to take it out for dinner and dancing.


Hey Doll – Kind of pink, kind of mauve, I think I see some silver, and a little bit of shimmer really make think this one looks cute and sweet.
Hey Doll

Hey Doll-closeup

Ingrid – I’m totally in love w/ this one! It’s that taupe-y, greyish, brown or mushroom, if you will, that’s super hot right now. She’s got some golden shimmer that makes also makes her quite special. This one also sort of reminds me of its namesake; it comes across just as strong and elegant as she was.


Foxy – Foxy indeed! I keep looking at the bottle and thinking, “Meh, it’s just another red.” But then I look back at my swatches and I think, “Whoa! Hot mama!” This a great red for the fall; it’s a little bricky, a little purple, with some red and gold shimmer that just makes me think of fall.

See anything you like? I think my top three picks are Ingrid, Bogie and Foxy.

Oh, but wait, you say! What was this you were saying about a giveaway today? Well, since I didn’t get the chance to type these posts up yesterday, you’ll have to wait for the last post of the day later tonight!