Makeup by Venus

Happy Monday, lovelies!

I had a whirlwind weekend which thankfully included some much needed beauty time. Mr. Entropy has had a rough two weeks recovering from gallbladder surgery, which let me tell you, although quick and results in minimal scarring, is no walk in the park! Needless to say, I had my hands full playing nurse to the poor Mr. He’s most definitely on the mend and past the most painful part of recovery, but still not quite 100%.

Anyways, back on target: Saturday was quite a day wherein I went grocery shopping w/ Mr. Entropy in tow for some exercise, run back to the house to put groceries away (Mr. Entropy is NOT allowed to lift anything more than 10lbs. for a few weeks, so there was no way I was going to let HIM put them away!), drive about 45 minutes to my favorite spa (Consher) to de-fuzz my upper lip and give my toes a little TLC and finally to Neiman Marcus at the Somerset Collection to play w/ the new fall Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscope.

Sadly, the new fall collection hadn’t been delivered, so that let the lovely Ms. Venus play w/ the permanent collection of True Color eyeshadows. She wasn’t entirely sure what to do at first, but decided to go w/ a very dramatic, very smoky eye. I LOVE makeup, but hardly get to indulge in some of the more obvious looks in deference to my desire to remain employed and not be “THAT” girl who wears waaaaay too much makeup at a stuffy engineering company. Anyways, this is the look she came up with:

full face3-smaller

full face-closed eyes-smaller

full face-sideways-smaller

What do you think???

My cheeks she kept simple as well but wanted to add a luminous dimension and used one their amazing Creme Fresh Tints which doubles as a cheek color or lip color product. It brushes on light and leaves you looking glowy and flushed which was accomplished in this look w/ Ginger Lily. (One of these days I’ll have to do a review on the Peau Vierge Anti-aging Complexe in Shade 2. It’s basically like a BB cream, but SO much more and really keeps me from having to wear little to no foundation.)

I normally prefer to play up my lips and wear color there, so I was feeling a little naked w/o some appreciable lip color. The product she’d originally used at the counter was Cap d’Antibes, but sadly I own no such duplicate and these photos were taken after a few hours of application. All I had that was close was MAC’s Evolution Revolution which isn’t quite the same, but did give that softer, more subdued lip, but shiny lip.

I’m really wishing I’d paid closer attention the the shadows she was using, but holy moly! Since she used the Couches de Couleurs technique (very simply is a color layering technique, but better instructions can be found here and swatches here), the depth and display of colors was out of control!

eye closeup
eye closeup2
From what I remember, she used the LMdB eye pencil in Noir as a base followed by a mixture of True Brilliance eye shadow in Noir and Spicy on most of the lid. As highlight and on my inner eyelid near the tear ducts, she used Platinum w/ a faint wash of Thunder to get that effect. To finish off the eye, she lined my upper lid w/ their Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Noir and set it w/ Midnight Sky eyeshadow which gave it a really lovely extra dimension.

Whilst I was there, she may have casually mentioned that she still has quite a few Empress lip kaleidoscope kits from last year’s Fall collection. I’d been lusting after that lip kit and the eye kaleidoscope from the same Silk Road collection for over a year and managed to score myself one of each. If you liked what she did w/ my makeup, just WAIT until you see the eye look with that kaleidoscope and the colors from the lip kit. VERY appropriate for this fall and since I’ve got them in my hot little hands, I can do swatches to make you jealous. 😉 I’m hoping to get the Empress lip kit review up before the end of the week in order to entice you more to snag one for yourself.

Stay tuned and have a fantabulous Monday!!!


Le Métier de Beauté-Chauvet Pont d’Arc Kaleidoscope

Whaaaat??? TWO posts in one week? Yeah, I’m probably blowing my wad in one go, but what a way to go! I mean it! Look it at how pretty!!!

Lee Métier de Beauté: Chauvet Pont d'Arc
Left to right: blended bottom to top, blended top to bottom, Umber, Ochre, Madder, Crystalline

The fabulous Mikey Castillo (@mikeylemetier) was visiting and taking appointments, so I absolutely HAD to meet him and have my makeup done. I learned tons about the line and got to see what LMdB’s latest kaleidoscope looked on my lids, and guurl! I had to hold back from buying everything the man put on me!

Lee Métier de Beauté: Chauvet Pont d'Arc

Lee Métier de Beauté: Chauvet Pont d'Arc

Lee Métier de Beauté: Chauvet Pont d'Arc

Lee Métier de Beauté: Chauvet Pont d'Arc

So, yeah, we chatted makeup and blending, how I’ve totally been applying blush the wrong way (apples of your cheeks, ladies, apples), and how smokey doesn’t *have* to mean “I’m working on this day time black eye look”. The technique is called Couches de Couleur which layers colors to create a prismatic effect (translation: soft, pretty, multidimensional glow on your lids, cheeks or lips).

Mikey accomplished this on my peepers by starting with a base of Dualistic eye pencil in Champagne all over the lid then using the colors from the Chauvet Pont d’Arc kaleidoscope (top to bottom) and then punching it up by adding a layer of Lapis e/s and a layer of Fire Lily e/s. On my upper lash line and on my waterline he used a liquid liner that’s changed my life, in Noir. (Changed my life b/c it’s water based and doesn’t make me want to rinse my eyeballs at the end of the day…plus totally safe for my eyelash extensions…yeah, you heard that right, I’m vain, I pay someone to painstakingly individually glue lash extensions on my feeble Asian lashes–shout out to my girl Kathy at Consher!)

I believe on my cheeks was Blushing Brozed Duet in Traviata and layered on my lips was the NM exclusive Indian Summer lip gloss lip creme set in Ginger Snap and Copper Leaf.


Isn’t he simply smashing???
Me and Mikey
Ugh, I look so bloated and puffy…

You guys likey???

Bling-tastic Tuesday…or Wednesday Vol. 6

Right…so it’s now officially been well over a year since I’ve written, and I won’t bore you with the details of the calamity of my professional situation (I’ve implemented some coping mechanisms), but I figured the best way to return was to do what all normal, dysfunctional families do: carry on and pretend like nothing ever happened! 🙂

In celebration of that delusional grasp at normalcy, I give you my most recent manicure (don’t think it’s the first one I’ve done since spring 2011 despite that several month long stretch where I ignored my cuticles and I chewed my nails instead of filing them…but that’s perhaps a post for another day).

Below you will find a combination I thought would be relatively pretty in my usual Sunday evening drunken haze (oh, right so by coping mechanism, I really meant I’ve increased my alcohol consumption). For your viewing enjoyment, I did a mani of Nfu Oh 40 over 3 coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom.

Pretty, no?

Photo 1 - 2012-07-10

Photo 2 - 2012-07-10

Happy Earth Day 2011!

Hello my lovelies!

Despite the lack of comments on the previous post (I know, I know! I have to post more consistently if I expect any kind of following!) the makeup seems to have been a hit. I’ve got some more photos of another look w/ other Sugarpill products that I did that have also been languishing for attention…as I said, I’ll get around to posting those fairly soon.

You’d think I’d get to that sooner since I’ve been off this whole past week, however, considering why I’ve been off I think you’ll understand why I haven’t gotten around to it. I’ve been keeping Mr. Entropy company while he recovers from an open inguinal hernia surgery. And ladies, let me tell you, open inguinal hernia surgery is no treat for either one of you! Mr. Entropy is relatively well, however, there’s still a fair amount of pain involved considering he’s been prescribed some hard core pain killers…so that, coupled w/ worrying about how much pain he’s in and making sure he’s been properly fed and watered has made Lady Entropy quite stressy! SO, I think you guys can see why I haven’t had a whole lot of motivation to posting a bunch of things.

Anyways, one of the things I have wanted to share w/ you guys is something I’ve participated in since I discovered this nail polish brand about two years ago. (Holy hell! Has it really been that long since I first cautiously dipped my toes in to the giant ocean of cosmetics???) It’s that time again for Zoya’s Nail Polish Exchange!!!

Zoya Polish Exchange

Here’s their blurb about the Exchange:

Out with the old – in with the new! In honor of Earth Day from April 20, 2011- April 27, 2011(11:59PM EST) Zoya Nail Polish will exchange* your old, out-of-style, unwanted nail color and replenish your nail polish supply with fresh Zoya fashion colors. All you pay is $4.00 per bottle for shipping and processing. Choose from over 300 formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) free, long-lasting, award winning, healthy colors to replace your old color! Zoya will properly dispose of your old polish.

If that caught your eye, you should totally check out their blog post here for details on how to get in on this.

As most of you know, I’ve been a huge fan of their Remove+, their Color Lock System, and of course, their polishes! The color range is pretty broad and totally something for everyone with the added benefit of being 3-free (pthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene free). I’ve also found their formula to last for at least a week using the Color Lock System w/o chipping or much tip wear.

I’ve used this opportunity to build up my Zoya collection in the past, and I hope you take advantage of it to safely dispose of your unused/unwanted polish and try out a great polish line for a great price!

Let me know what you guys haul and I’ll share mine!

Sugarpill Cosmetics-Burning Heart Palette


Ok…yeah…I found myself w/ a marginal amount of time so I figured it would be best to take advantage of it to actually type this post up instead of just dropping some photos w/o any commentary…unless you’re not reading this anyways, in which case-too bad! B/c I’m going to blather on and on and make you at least scroll past all this text to get to the photosl HA!

Anywaaaays, I actually bought this palette and three ChromaLust loose shadows (I did a look w/ those today too! If I get enough feedback on this look, I’ll post photos of this face eventually). The three ChromaLust shadows I got were pretty fantastic and I can’t wait to post swatches/looks w/ that. I got Tiara, Magentric, and Royal Sugar. I’m totally sad I didn’t give these a try sooner considering I snagged them during a sale around the holidays late last year. I think I may have to go back and pick up a few more ChromaLust shades and the Sweetheart palette.

So the look below was created w/ the Burning Heart palette available from Sugarpill Cosmetics for $34. All the colors in the palette really intrigued me and I’ve been curious about the quality and ease of application for these shadows. Oh, boy, these did not disappoint! I think I may have found THE Indie cosmetics company to satisfy my need for obnoxiously loud and pigmented eyeshadow. The color payoff is fantastic and the shadows all apply smoothly, not chalky at all!

Photos below:

Heartless palette01

Heartless palette02

Heartless palette03

Heartless palette04
Colors clockwise from top: Flamepoint, Buttercup, Poison Plum, Love+

Eye closeups:

Eye closeup1

Eye closeup2

Eye closeup3

Full face shots:

Sugarpill full face2

Sugarpill full face

This palette can be purchased at on the Sugarpill site or from ShanaLogic if you were interested purchasing other Indie goods. 🙂

*Edit (3/27/2011): Oops! Totally called this palette by the wrong name…it’s actually called Burning Heart. Sorry guys!