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OPI Affair in Red Square

Just a quickie manicure post of OPI Affair in Red Square. Standard manicure except I tried out Seche’s UV top coat. Word to the wise, if the SA suggests a UV curing lamp with a higher wattage bulb, DO IT. The dry time is dramatically different with a lower wattage bulb.

OPI Affair in Red Square


Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Hello again, lovelies! See? It didn’t take me a whole year to get back to you! 🙂

The lovely ladies at the Nordstrom Guerlain counter at Twelve Oaks in Northville, MI were kind enough to set aside a few items for me from the 2012 Holiday collection. Whilst I was there, I took the opportunity to swatch a few items. I snapped a few quick photos of the Calligraphy palette, Lou-Ling & Altoum Rouge Shine Automatiques, and the Turandot eyeshadow quad. What I didn’t take photos of, but still wished I’d grabbed were the Meteorites Perles du Dragon and the Meteorites Wulong compact (ahem, Mr. Entropy, this would make a lovely Saturnalia offering).

Enjoy the teasers until I can properly swatch Lou-Ling and the Calligraphy palette! (All swatches on NC42 skin.)

Counter display
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Meteorites Wulong compact
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Calligraphy palette
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Swatches of Calligraphy palette eyeshadow and liner (bottom)
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Turandot eyeshadow palette
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Swatches of Rouge Automatiques Lou-Ling (top) and Altoum (bottom)
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

What do you think? Should I go back for the Wulong compact or Turandot eyeshadow quad? Have my swatches tempted you?