Sugarpill Cosmetics-Burning Heart Palette


Ok…yeah…I found myself w/ a marginal amount of time so I figured it would be best to take advantage of it to actually type this post up instead of just dropping some photos w/o any commentary…unless you’re not reading this anyways, in which case-too bad! B/c I’m going to blather on and on and make you at least scroll past all this text to get to the photosl HA!

Anywaaaays, I actually bought this palette and three ChromaLust loose shadows (I did a look w/ those today too! If I get enough feedback on this look, I’ll post photos of this face eventually). The three ChromaLust shadows I got were pretty fantastic and I can’t wait to post swatches/looks w/ that. I got Tiara, Magentric, and Royal Sugar. I’m totally sad I didn’t give these a try sooner considering I snagged them during a sale around the holidays late last year. I think I may have to go back and pick up a few more ChromaLust shades and the Sweetheart palette.

So the look below was created w/ the Burning Heart palette available from Sugarpill Cosmetics for $34. All the colors in the palette really intrigued me and I’ve been curious about the quality and ease of application for these shadows. Oh, boy, these did not disappoint! I think I may have found THE Indie cosmetics company to satisfy my need for obnoxiously loud and pigmented eyeshadow. The color payoff is fantastic and the shadows all apply smoothly, not chalky at all!

Photos below:

Heartless palette01

Heartless palette02

Heartless palette03

Heartless palette04
Colors clockwise from top: Flamepoint, Buttercup, Poison Plum, Love+

Eye closeups:

Eye closeup1

Eye closeup2

Eye closeup3

Full face shots:

Sugarpill full face2

Sugarpill full face

This palette can be purchased at on the Sugarpill site or from ShanaLogic if you were interested purchasing other Indie goods. 🙂

*Edit (3/27/2011): Oops! Totally called this palette by the wrong name…it’s actually called Burning Heart. Sorry guys!


4 responses to “Sugarpill Cosmetics-Burning Heart Palette

  1. Matthew Van Kirk

    Wowsers! Full face shots. You look marvy!

  2. I like it with the red lips!

  3. @Stephanie: Thanks! It doesn’t look too bad w/ plum/purple lips too! 🙂

  4. Those colors look amazing on you!

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