Why, hello there!

Why yes, yes I did realize I still had a makeup and beauty blog, why do you ask? Oh! Because I haven’t written a word in it since October? Details, details!

Well, those of you who follow me on Twitter (or who have a far better memory than I do), remember that I mentioned I’d be gearing up for a lot of travel at the end of October. Guess what? It was a sh*t ton of travel! I was supposed to be overseas at one of my companies plants in Asia from October 18-28th. I didn’t actually make it home until November 4th. THEN, I got on a plane on the 5th to go to Boston for some training for work. I at least got to take Mr. Entropy w/ me for that trip, so that was at least nice. The week after that, I had to get on another plane to visit a supplier in Oklahoma. That travel schedule was pretty crazy added to the jet-lag I’ve had to recover from resulted in conversations in the evening w/ my husband went like this:

Me: 7:30PM…It’s totally late enough to go to bed, right? Right?!
Mr. Entropy: …Uh, NO.
Me: You sure? It seems late enough to me…
Mr. Entropy: Sure it is-if you’re two years old!

I’ll admit it, he probably had a point, LOL.

Work gave me a little reprieve after that, but I’m on the road again overseas. This time I’ve got a little more time on my hands, so instead of napping (like I probably should be since I’m kinda tired) I’m typing up a new blog post that will post right after this one later in the morning (well, morning for you guys in the eastern time zone and later in the evening for me).

Meanwhile, I leave you w/ these kitty photos!
Zero Window Photoshoot01

Zero Window Photoshoot02

Chloe Window Photoshoot01

Duke and Charlie sleeping


2 responses to “Why, hello there!

  1. Miss you Lady Entropy.

  2. Love the kittie pics! Come home safe! 🙂

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