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It’s that time of year again! Halloween is probably my favorite “holiday” to celebrate. Also, I really enjoy watching the season change from a hot dry summer to a damp, cool fall accompanied by seeing the trees on fire as their leaves change color. The reds, golds, and oranges of the leaves as they float to the ground is certainly something every person should see themselves. 🙂

In addition to the Vintage Vixen collection this fall, China Glaze has also released the limited edition collection Awakening. This collection totally makes me think of the leaves falling, Halloween, cider mills, hay rides and haunted houses! Plus, I think you’ll all be amused by what CG decided to name each of them.

I was pretty pleased with these three polishes which all covered in about three coats (shown below with no top coat).

Ick-A-Body – I wondered how similar this was to last year’s Fortune Teller, but it’s quite a bit different. This polish was packed with orange glitter in what I thought was a black jelly base. However, it looks like the base is more of an olive-y jelly. This looks so unique and wonderfully like Halloween.


Mummy May I – Now this one was another one that I thought was just a colored glitter in a black jelly base. Boy, am I bad at this! I swatched this on some paper and saw for myself that this is actually a lovely, sparkley purple glitter in a deep purple that looks black after two layers. Love it!
Mummy May I

Mummy May I-closeup

Zombie Zest – Ok, this one was my absolute favorite of the bunch. Simply calling it green would be a horrible understatement. It’s a shimmery, mossy green w/ flashes of yellow and gold and even blue! However, I have heard that Zombie Zest is a dupe for SpaRitual’s Optical Illusion and Orly’s It’s Not Rocket Science from their Cosmic FX collection. Either way, if you can get your hands on any of these, it would be totally worth it!
Zombie Zest

Zombie Zest-closeup

See any you’re drooling after? Well, guess what?! I’m doing a giveaway! Can you guess for what? Oh, come on! You know this!

I’m giving away ONE set of the China Glaze Awakening collection.
One lucky winner will get a set of one bottle each of the following: Ick-A-body, Mummy May I, Zombie Zest and CG Fast Forward Top Coat (set is a total of four bottles of polish).

The rules:
1. You must be a subscriber to my blog. The form to do so should be 2nd from the top on the sidebar to the left of the posts. (Sorry about the earlier GFC confusion. That was totally my fault! Thanks to everyone who powered through that and subscribed anyways.)
2. Please leave your email address in the comment. I’ll need a way to tell you that you’ve won!
These first two rules are mandatory and count as TWO ENTRIES.
3. TWEET about this giveaway. Please leave a link in the comment with the status address where you did this. ONE ENTRY.
4. BLOG about this giveaway or put it in your SIDEBAR. I will accept either method. Please leave a link in your comment where you did this. ONE ENTRY.
5. Put Makeup and Entropy on your BLOGROLL. Please leave a link where you did this. ONE ENTRY.
That’s it! You have a possible total of 5 entries with this one!


This contest will end on Friday, 10/8/2010 at 11:59 PM EST and I will not accept any entries after that.

Thanks for sticking w/ me and good luck!

*10/7/2010 Edit: Sorry, I’m an idiot guys. For rule #1 I meant you must subscribe to my blog. *sigh*


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  1. gimme!

    • LOL, technically that’s not an official entry, but I know who you are and where to find you, but all you need to do is follow me and then it’ll be official. ;-P Based on the number of entries right now (i.e. you), the chances of you winning look good, hehe.

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  3. I subscribed via email (as you don’t have a GFC) 🙂
    My tweet:

    • Ok, I’ve got your entries. Thank you for entering and giving my blog a look. Sorry about the GFC confusion, I meant to edit that earlier, but I totally forgot! 🙂

  4. 1. I now follow you by email as you don’t have GFC.
    2. handsoncolour (at) yahoo (dot) com
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    Great giveaway!

    • I’ve got your info. and entries. Thanks for checking my blog out and taking the time to subscribe and tweet. I had meant to edit the post, but totally forgot, so I apologize for any confusion that may have caused. Good luck! 🙂

  5. I subscribed via email (as you don’t have a GFC) 🙂 aneela10 [at] gmail [dot] com
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    • Hi there! Sorry about rule 1; I totally flaked out on editing that since I clearly don’t have GFC. Thanks for taking the time to actually subscribing and tweeting about the giveaway. I hope you continue to check out my posts in the future. Good luck! 🙂

  6. 1) I am following via email subscription, I have GFC/blogspot but couldn’t find a button to sub that way! (guitarsoloist07 at yahoo dot com is my email, CydonianMU is my GFC, etc if that pops up instead)
    2) guitarsoloist07 at yahoo dot com
    3) I tweeted about the giveaway but can’t figure out how to link the direct Tweet 😦 😦 My link is but it’s private so you’d have to request me to see it 😦

    • Hi Wendy, I just edited my post b/c I’m an idiot and forgot to edit the rules to change that to subscribe to my blog instead of following. I’m very sorry about any confusion that has caused. I’ve got your entries and will add your twitter entry once I’ve been able to verify your tweet (look out for a request from @ladymariana!). Thanks again and I hope you continue to check my blog out in the future. Good luck!

  7. Wow! Great! Would love to participate!

    I’m subscribed to your blog and my email is schneevante(at)

    You are also in my blogroll at

    • Yay! I was hoping you’d participate. I know you’ve been checking my blog out since I started a few months ago. I’ve got your entries, thanks for sticking w/ me and good luck! 🙂

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  9. Hey,
    Thanks for sending the reminder email to let me know about your blog and giveaways. Looking forward to reading it.

  10. I subscribed to your blog! Looking forward to reading more from you 🙂
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