Requests for swatches

Alrighty ladies (and gents?), I’ve got a ton of stuff to swatch. What would you guys like to see swatches of next, I wonder?

In the queue I have a random haul of Sinful polishes (which are great b/c they’re available at the drug store for like $2/bottle and have a great range of colors), the China Glaze Fall 2010 Vintage Vixen collection (also great b/c you can get them online for like $36 for all 12 colors), or my Nfu Oh haul from (which means one cool holographic polish and a bunch of new flakies).

Here are photos of the options:

These were just random colors I picked out while I was at Walgreens and I’ve been eager to try them out for quite a while now since they’re so cost effective.
Sinful haul preview

The Vintage Vixen Fall 2010 collection from China Glaze. I’ve been so excited for this collection!
Vintage Vixen preview

Finally, my recent Nfu Oh haul from Second in on the right is the one holographic polish I got and the rest are flakies (besides the Aqua Base for holographic polish).
Nfu Oh haul preview

I will be working on the polish application tutorial today (crossing my fingers that the sun and clouds will cooperate) so that will be up in the next day or two.

Let me know what you guys want to see first so I can start swatching and photographing ASAP!


8 responses to “Requests for swatches

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t realize the silvery one was holographic! This I’ve gotta see.

  2. I vote that you swatch the Nfu Oh colors!!

  3. Nfu Oh swatches for sure!!
    Where did you get the Vintage Vixen collection online?

    • Woot! Aren’t they great?? I’ve been lusting after those Nfu Ohs since some time last year. Anyways, the Vintage Vixen collection I actually got from Head2ToeBeauty, but it looks like they don’t have the first set (Hotsy Totsy) anymore and two of the polishes in that set aren’t available individually. However, I just checked 8ty8beauty and they have all the colors for $2.68/bottle, but I don’t know how much they charge for shipping. (Also, tip for you if you’ve got extra $$ handy, Head2Toe has the Orly Cosmic FX collection!) Hope that helps!

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