Lime Crime Haul

Lime Crime? Wait, what? You were all expecting some bling, weren’t you? I did specify in last week’s post that it would be a bling-tastic Tuesday or Wednesday. 😉 Looks like you’ll be waiting until tomorrow, but as a bonus I’ll be posting two different manicures for you to stare at. 🙂

Anywhosits, I bought some Lime Crime items from ShanaLogic. (I’ve gotta pimp her site b/c she and her online shop are so freaking fantastic. Although I’m clearly a good little consumer, i do like to pay special attention to independent artists and crafters and ShanaLogic is an awesome place to find such unique items.)

I’d been dying to try me some Lime Crime makeup for a while. The pigmentation on the eyeshadows and lipsticks looked pretty impressive from the photos on ShanaLogic which is what really intrigued me. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing a color in an eyeshadow pan or lipstick tube and applying it and finding that the product just applies a sheer wash of color (well, unless it’s supposed to be sheer).

Unfortunately, the shades I wanted to order were sold out, and I got my second choice colors which may have been for the better since these were colors I don’t already have represented in my makeup collection. I wound up with 3 shadows and a lipstick after it was all said and done and I even have lip swatches and eyeball photos! 😉
Lime Crime Haul

The packaging is cute, but maybe not everyone’s cup of tea. I was personally entertained by the holographic unicorn. 🙂

Princess Caraboo-exotic, dark green with mystic sheen
Cleopatra-coppery-orange with gorgeous sparkle
Nymph-white with brilliant sparks of gold; more gold than white
Lime Crime-eyeshadows1

Lipstick: Retrofuturist-Bright, true red with beautiful sheen
Lime Crime-lipstick1

These swatches were taken indoors, with flash so the photo looks a little brighter and more washed out than it should. And now that I look at the composition, it looks a little Xmas-y which wasn’t really what I was going for, but I’m relatively pleased w/ the pigmentation.
Lime Crime-swatches
L-R: Retrofuturist lipstick, Nymph e/s, Cleopatra e/s, and Princess Caraboo e/s

Now, I think I’m finally getting the hang of taking and editing these mouth photos. These are really my lips w/ Retrofuturist applied directly on my lips (no lipliner or primer) from the tube (I did not use a lip brush or anything).
Lime Crime-lipstick swatch

Kinda bright, eh? 😉 Bright red lipstick is a huge weakness for me. I love it, but I can’t wear it that often b/c it definitely wouldn’t be work appropriate. Yet I still find myself buying it even though the red love of my life is MAC’s Ruby Woo…odd. (Signs of addiction? LOL) Which, btw, Retrofuturist reminds me of. I’ll do a comparison swatch later.

Oh, another thing about this Lime Crime l/s, although Ruby Woo will always have my heart, I didn’t find Retrofuturist as drying as Ruby Woo. It went on pretty smoothly, didn’t have a lot of scent (if any), and stayed on my lips for good length of time, 3-4 hours and even got through pizza. I liked the formula enough that I may try out a few other l/s shades.

Now, on to the eyeball photos!
Eyeshadow closed both eyes

Eyeshadow open eyes looking down

Eyeshadow closed eye1

Eyeshadow open eye looking down

Eyeshadow open eye1

This was a look I did for work, so I toned down the colors a little in the application by applying w/ a lighter hand than I would for days when I’m not at work which resulted in the looks above. I used Nymph on the lower lid and inner eye and pulled that a little above my crease line, Cleopatra on the outer half of my lower lid and Princess Caraboo in the crease. The eyeliner is MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and the mascara was DiorShow in black which makes my lashes look really long in the photos which is weird, b/c I swear they never look like that in real life.

Who here has no idea what that previous paragraph just said aside from the product names? Again, i keep forgetting that not everyone is an obsessive beauty blog stalker like me and has no idea how to tackle proper foundation application let alone nail polish or eyeshadow application. If you guys want a more detailed tutorial I’ll put one together w/ labeled diagrams and everything! Don’t tempt me! I’m an engineer after all and may wind up turning the tutorial in to a work instruction, LOL. ;-P

If you liked what you saw above, remember, these items are available at ShanaLogic.
Shop Indie. Pass it on!

Now my kitty, Zero, leaves you w/ the following photo:
Mommy, no more pictures please!
Zero-No more pix pls

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products myself to review.


4 responses to “Lime Crime Haul

  1. Yay!!! Your photos are so gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for the lovely writeup – I think it’s amazing and appreciate your support 🙂

    You rock!

    • Hi Shana! Thanks so much for checking the post out. 🙂 I’m no expert, but I was pretty pleased w/ the product I received, so I had to share. Plus, I love telling ppl about your site b/c it was my first experience shopping indie and I wanted to share the awesomeness w/ everyone. 🙂

  2. Oh my. I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to try Lime Crime eyeshadows for a while now…

    Now that I’ve seen this, I think I will. They look mighty fine.

    Also… I ❤ Shana 😉


    • Hi Missbaah! Thanks for checking out my humble little blog. 🙂 I was pretty pleased with the pigmentation and wear of the eyeshadows, and I hope you are too if/when you try them out.

      Glad to see a fellow Shana fan here too! 🙂

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