Bling-tastic Tuesday…or Wednesday

Hello lovelies!

Have you guys missed me? All of my one or two faithful readers? No?

Have I been bombarding your Twitter feed enough w/ my daily inanities? Which reminds me, I should probably add a disclaimer to my profile that I tweet…A LOT.

Anywhosits, work has been super crazy (but in this business it always is, so that’s a good thing, right???). Right. So, crazy work has prevented me from paying this blog some much needed attention. Which makes me a sad panda. I’ve even barely had time to stay on top of my favorite blogs (Magic Maid, Scrangie, Vampy Varnish, I’m talking to you, even though I don’t think my humble, little blog gets traffic like that…).

Well, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do w/ my blog. I mean, posting photos is one thing, but I feel like there has to be a little more to my blog to make it interesting and want people to read it (aside from my charming banter…entropy, people, entropy…stay w/ me!).

I think one of the things I’ll be doing, based on this unnatural love of glitter, seriously anything glittery makes me lose my mind and ability to focus…right, focus! I believe I’ll be doing a post on the different faces (there aren’t a ton, but it’s *bling*!) of glitter polishes.

Without further ado, my first glitter manicure for this series.

Glitter french manicure

Glitter french manicure-closeup

Layers from base coat to top coat:
Base coat: Butter London-Nail Foundation
One coat Zoya in Shimmer
Two coats of OPI in Mad As A Hatter on the tips
Two coats of Seche Vite (favoritest top coat EVAR!)

I was feeling a little manic yesterday (I find most Mondays to go that way, don’t you?) and thought, “You know what would be totally awesome??? If I used a slight shimmer polish over the whole nail bed then finished it off with, OMG, GLITTER TIPS!!!!!” This was a modified manicure that I’d seen done while I was in Sweden late last year and early this year that I totally fell in love with. Perhaps not the most professional manicure, but I haven’t been served w/ a cease and desist at work, so it should be ok, right? 😉

Is this bling-y enough? Any suggestions for next week?


2 responses to “Bling-tastic Tuesday…or Wednesday

  1. very cool and creative! how long did it take you?

    • Why thank you! It didn’t take as long as you would think. It actually took me about as long as it normally does to do any manicure b/c I normally free hand the the nail tips when I do a french manicure. So I guess it took me about an hour or so to take off the old nail polish and do the manicure, but then again, I take my time since I’m just sitting on the couch watching TV when I do my nails.

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