Tuesday Bling-tacular

Glitter…how can you not like glitter? It’s just so sparkly, shiny and adds a little something extra. And dammit, it’s glitter! I often get distracted by pretty shinies. 🙂

In any case, when I started really obsessing over nail polish (srsly, this may require therapy), I wasn’t sure what I would have called my favorite finish. After reflecting on it a little bit, I realized that the whole reason I got in to nail polish was b/c the jewelry obsession I had been indulging in was far too expensive and completely not sustainable in any way. (Hello only spending $8 per bottle of polish instead of $100+ per jewelry piece!)

Nail polish was a perfect obsession replacement since it’s pretty much like jewelry for your nails, it’s waaaay cheaper, AND there are so many options to choose from to change up your look. Enter glitter nail polish.

The beauty of glitter nail polish is that there’s quite a variety of sizes and shapes. This allows for just a little shimmer or an all out bling-fest. I personally prefer to shout from the rooftops, “HEY! I’M WEARING GLITTER!” I swear to you, if I could get away w/ wearing bright red sequins to work, I would do it.

Now, having rambled for over 200 words (Yay WordPress and the word count!), I think I’ve found a love that will last forever. I spotted these babies during the Nordstrom anniversary sale pre-order. Those of you familiar with Deborah Lippmann’s Ruby Red Slippers know how beautiful it is w/ the chunky glitter pieces and saw something similar in the promo pics for Across the Universe and Bad Romance. I just HAD TO HAVE THEM! So I bought them and swatched them. I think everyone needs these bad boys in their polish stash.

Across the Universe is dark blue/navy jelly with green and blue glitter which applied quite nicely and covered completely after three coats.
Across the Universe indoors with flash

Across the Universe macro

Bad Romance was a black jelly with dark pink glitter and reminded me a little of Ruby Red Slippers (which is totally not a bad thing). This also covered nicely in three coats. I suppose I could have done just two for this one, but three is how I roll for polishes like this.
Bad Romance

Bad Romance macro

The macro shots show how dense the different sized glitter is. These shots are also nice b/c the previous layers of glitter don’t just get lost, they add to the overall dimensionality on the nail.



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