Manic Monday

So I went to get coffee at lunch time (it’s an essential staple in my diet and I consider it to be a major food group) and I rushed in and my friendly Caribou barista asked me if I was having a Manic Monday. And indeed I was! However, he qualified that by saying, “But you’re probably too young to remember that…” This is actually a misconception I encounter daily. I often have a hard time getting people to understand that I’ve been in this industry for 10 years now and I *do* know what I’m talking about.

ANYWAYS, I had responded that I was old enough to know what that meant and that I it was quite a manic Monday for me. I got in to work late only to find out my BlackBerry hadn’t synched with my work email account properly and I had missed at least five emails today already. So the morning had been spent catching up then looking over data that I needed to analyze. This, combined with the fact that I’m still catching up on sleep from the 48 Hour Film Project that I participated in last weekend made for a quite manic Entropic Lady (or ladymariana if you follow me on Twitter).

Where was I? Oh, right! Mondays! What better time for a post about the Korres mini-haul I did a few weeks ago???

Here’s a shot of all of the products I ordered from Korres which includes the Color with Skincare Benefits collection and Mango Butter Sheer Lipstick #45 (Coral):
Korres Haul-1

Brown 05 mascara:
Korres Mascara Brown 02

The formula for this was ok. I guess I’m still looking for my HG mascara, but I would recommend this for sensitive eyes. The first time I wore this it lasted for probably about 5-6 hours and I didn’t have any eye itchiness problems or flaking issues, but it just didn’t lengthen or thicken to my satisfaction. For daily wear it’s definitely good if you’re looking for more definition than just bare lashes, but perhaps not a “date night” go-to mascara. I also had no trouble removing it at the end of the day w/ eye makeup remover.

White eye pencil:
White Eye Pencil

I’ll be honest, I didn’t have much use for this, but I figured, what the hey. I used this on my eyes on a day when I thought I looked particularly tired and it helped brighten my eyes and gave me a fresher, more alert look. Unfortunately, I have moderate allergies which cause me to blink A LOT and oily lids so the application didn’t last all that long.

Guava Lip Butter:
Guava Lip Butter
I now use this at night for moisturizing my lips while I sleep. I really like this lip butter and think it feels smooth, silky and moisturizing on my lips. I don’t find it sticky at all nor do I feel it to be really watery where I feel like it slides off.

So I don’t have a swatch of the Quercetin & Oak Primer, but my I did try it out. I have combination to oily skin and didn’t find this to be the best formula for me. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t necessarily discount it for you girls with normal to dry skin. It’s a pretty nice primer that goes on smoothly and kind of felt like a little cooling on my skin when I applied it. I didn’t experience any irritation and when I say cooling, I mean it felt cool as I applied it but it wasn’t like a tingling sensation and it didn’t last for any appreciable amount of time. After application it dried fairly smoothly and worked well with my makeup, however, I felt that my skin got oilier over the course of the day using this primer (I used it for about a week), but I never broke out. I really wanted it to work b/c aside from my face getting oilier, I really liked how my makeup applied and the fact that it contains no silicones. If you can get a sample of this to try out for yourself, I highly recommend that you do.

Lastly, I tried out the Mango Butter lipstick in #45. The lipstick looks a lot scarier in the tube than it does on the lip. It photographs and looks quite a bit more orange and bright than it actually applies to the lip as you can see in the second (bare lips) and third (#45 applied to lips) photos below.
Korres Lipstick 45 Tubed

(These are *really* unattractive photos of my lips, but I’m still practicing photographing my mouth, so bear with me!):
Naked Lips

Lipstick 45 lip swatch

I think I’d describe this as more of a sheer coral. I really love this formula for sheer washes of color plus I don’t find the formula drying at all. My lips stay pretty decently hydrated using this lipstick, but again I don’t think I’d recommend this for long wear. I am typically able to get about 2-3 hours of wear out of this before having to reapply. I actually had this on today and use it pretty regularly when I’m looking to do a lip with just a hint of coral. I’ll definitely be buying another shade or two b/c sometimes I don’t want anything that stains the lips (which I actually do like) or that’s too pigmented AND the formula just feels so darn nice! Definitely good for office wear.

Having said that, I think I’m going to take a look at their new liquid lipsticks. I’m intrigued by the colors and interested to see how opaque and pigmented they are.

Thoughts? Comments?


4 responses to “Manic Monday

  1. I didn’t know you bought this stuff. . . ? Where are you keeping it all?

  2. LIPS!!!!!

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