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Bling-tastic Tuesday…or Wednesday Vol. 3

Let’s get reeeaaddyyy for the Tuesday (or Wednesday) spectacular bling-tacular!!!!!

Riiiighhhhttt, so, I got home from work late last nite (if left to my own devices, I become a work-ahloic, so this really isn’t much of a surprise on a daily basis), so instead of the nail polish application tutorial I had originally planned for today, you guys can get blingy with it. 😉

Again, b/c I feel guilty for not delivering as promised, I’m posting photos for two different manicures.

First up I have a nice metallic foil (I’ll admit it, I really like foils!) from Orly called Luxe. This was part of their Foil FX collection that came out earlier this year. It’s still available along w/ a rose colored foil called Rage and a silver foil called Shine from Head2Toe Beauty for $3.75/bottle. I picked this up at Ulta earlier this summer on a whim b/c I thought to myself I didn’t have anything like a gold foil and this fit the bill perfectly!
Orly Luxe

Orly Luxe-closeup
This applied nicely and I didn’t have too much trouble w/ visible brush strokes. This actually made me think of Minx Nails and made me think I could probably do a neat manicure using my Konad stamping tools. Yet another idea for a post. 🙂

The next shiny I have for you should be pretty familiar. This was Nfu Oh #45 from yesterday over Zoya America. I thought the red flakies might pop more over a colored base, but I dunno…I kinda like it applied without a colored base.
Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya America1

Nfu Oh #45 over Zoya America
Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya America3

Nfu Oh #45 alone
Nfu Oh 45-closeup2

Nfu Oh #45 over Zoya America
Nfu Oh 45 over Zoya America2

Did satisfy your bling need for the week?


Nfu Oh Haul

Happy Monday!

I seem to have difficulty w/ Mondays in general, as I mentioned in last week’s post, but I am managing (for now!) to get myself together in order to do a post on Mondays. Seriously. You guys have no idea how amazing that is. 😉

It’s been a few day since the last post, but I had to take a few days off b/c work was demanding quite a bit of attention that I just didn’t have the energy to swatch let alone put a post together. That and it was a short work week for me b/c I took last Friday off. I had to spend some quality time w/ Mr. Entropy (he’s really more like anti-entropy as he’s constantly foiling my disorganization!). The Mr. and I needed some quality time since it was our *gasp* three year anniversary! I know! Isn’t adorable? It’s like we’re still newlyweds, haha!

It was a blissful, fun filled day spent near home where neither of us thought about work (really poor planning on our part on not going anywhere, but we’re going on a trip in late September anyways). It was totally a miracle that neither one of us got all stressy about work since apparently we both work too much-or so we tell each other when one of us gets home at like 8pm.

Our anniversary celebration was filled w/ surprises which included a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the Mr. that I failed to upload a photo of (the flowers, not the Mr. He doesn’t like to have photos of himself taken, he’s shy ^_~). I think I’ll update this post later today after I get home from work to show them off. The man knows what I like! Not a single rose or carnation in the bouquet and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Additionally, he had planned a surprise delivery of delicious cheesecake from Junior’s Cheesecake from NY to further celebrate the day. (I don’t have any photos of it, and since it’s not gone, maybe I’ll take one tonight when I have another piece! I mean really, people, it’s cheesecake! Who’s shocked it’s not gone already???) It was either Junior’s or Eli’s Cheesecake from Chicago, IL, but reviews he’d read mentioned that Junior’s was a firmer, drier cheesecake which he figured was more like his mom’s, which, btw, is the BEST cheesecake in the world. And I’m not even trying to get in good w/ her, it really is the most fabulous cheesecake I’ve ever had. Anyways, we may still try Eli’s out in the future. Anybody out there tried Eli’s? I hear it’s quite good; different from Junior’s, but good…

However, I’m veering waaaay off topic. One of the other surprises I got came in the mail and I wasn’t expecting it until some time this week. It was the order I’d been babbling about all last week. And since the two votes from yesterday were to swatch those instead of the CG Vintage Vixen collection or the random assortment of Sinful Colors polishes I had hauled from Walgreens, I give you my Nfu Oh haul!

This polish was Nfu Oh #41, which is similar to the Nubar 2010 that I had on last week only in that it’s an opalescent flakie suspended in a non-colored base, but it the flashes lean more to green and blue rather than orange-ish. The sad part about this swatch is that I failed to layer it over something more dramatic so you could see the loveliness that is this polish and can only see the yellowness of my nails amplified like WHOA. Sorry about that, I’ll do something better next time. ^.^;;
Nfu Oh 41

Nfu Oh 41-closeup
Ick, really sorry about this swatch. I’m seriously kind of embarrassed, but trust me, this looks amazing over black. I’ll swatch it tonight and add it to the updates to this post and you’ll see how pretty it is (it actually reminds me of a black opal).

Nfu Oh #45-This was like fire polish! This one is also gorgeous; it’s so fiery and saucy, I love it! This is one that required more than two photos to view its loveliness and I’m still pretty sure I didn’t adequately capture it.
Nfu Oh 45

Nfu Oh 45-closeup2

Nfu Oh 45-closeup1

Nfu Oh #52-this is a gorgeous blue/purple, or indigo, if you will, jelly w/ green/teal flakies. It kind of reminds me of Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Scrangie, kind of…but I had to show you at least one more photo so you could see how amazing it is.
Nfu Oh 52

Nfu Oh 52-closeup1

Nfu Oh 52-closeup2
The flashes of green and blue and purple were mesemerizing. I’m totally going to have to put this in to rotation for actual manicures that I wear during the week.

Nfu Oh #56-This was what I would call an emerald jelly w/ emerald green flakies suspended in it. Yet another beautiful color. I think this could be worn by itself although keep in mind that it’s kind of sheer so you’ll still have a visible nail line (VNL) even after four coats. As with the other flakies here, I think this would look super pretty over another color.
Nfu Oh 56

Nfu Oh 56-closeup

Nfu Oh #61-This was the only non-flakie polish that I got. I had seen swatches on All Lacquered Up and couldn’t resist. I was dubious about her claim that the Aqua Base was a must for this polish, but I thought, “What the heck!” and included it in my order. Boy, was I glad I did! The two photos below are alternating Nfu Oh’s Aqua Base coat (index and ring fingers) and Nubar Foundation base coat (middle and pinky fingers).
Nfu Oh 61 alternating base coats

Nfu Oh 61-closeup up alternating base coats
You might not be able to see too much of a difference, but let me tell you, the nails that had the other base coat applied horribly (which is by no means a reflection of the base coat’s performance, b/c it’s one of my favorites for most other polishes). It streaked like WHOA and looked horribly patchy until I worked w/ it quite a bit to make it look presentable for those photos.

Now this is the full fledged manicure w/ Aqua Base on all the fingers and a layer of Seche Vite on top. The application for #61 over the Aqua Base was like night and day different from the other base coat. With the Aqua Base it applied smoothly and evenly and just looked spectacular. I only needed to apply two coats as opposed to the three/four I needed w/ the other base coat to get the finish to look even.
Nfu Oh 61 aqua base coat

Nfu Oh 61-closeup aqua base coat

Nfu Oh 61-closeup aqua base coat2
This is by far the best result I’ve ever gotten from a holographic nail polish. I’m actually wondering how this’ll work w/ the China Glaze holos I have in my stash…a post for another time, I’m sure!

I’m so in love w/ all these polishes. By themselves, it took several coats (3-4) for most of them to become opaque enough for my tastes, except for #61, which only needed two after using the Aqua Base. I will most definitely be trying #41 on several other polishes and most certainly playing w/ the the other flakies. I’m also completely in love w/ the holo-it’s everything I hoped it would be and is encouraging me to attempt other holos w/ the Aqua Base. For those of you thinking about not bother the Aqua Base, believe me, it’s totally worth it. Again, I couldn’t believe the difference, but trust me, there really is one.

So, what’d ya’ll think? Did Nfu Oh live up to your expectations? (These totally did for me!)

Requests for swatches

Alrighty ladies (and gents?), I’ve got a ton of stuff to swatch. What would you guys like to see swatches of next, I wonder?

In the queue I have a random haul of Sinful polishes (which are great b/c they’re available at the drug store for like $2/bottle and have a great range of colors), the China Glaze Fall 2010 Vintage Vixen collection (also great b/c you can get them online for like $36 for all 12 colors), or my Nfu Oh haul from (which means one cool holographic polish and a bunch of new flakies).

Here are photos of the options:

These were just random colors I picked out while I was at Walgreens and I’ve been eager to try them out for quite a while now since they’re so cost effective.
Sinful haul preview

The Vintage Vixen Fall 2010 collection from China Glaze. I’ve been so excited for this collection!
Vintage Vixen preview

Finally, my recent Nfu Oh haul from Second in on the right is the one holographic polish I got and the rest are flakies (besides the Aqua Base for holographic polish).
Nfu Oh haul preview

I will be working on the polish application tutorial today (crossing my fingers that the sun and clouds will cooperate) so that will be up in the next day or two.

Let me know what you guys want to see first so I can start swatching and photographing ASAP!

Bling-tastic Tuesday…or Wednesday Vol. 2

Well, I’m kind of disappointed. No feedback when I post eyeballs??? Maybe I’ll wait another 24 hours before I rant, LOL.

Disregarding that, I have more glitter for you! Last week’s glitter french manicure seemed to go over pretty well, so I actually did another one. This time the glitter on the tips was a little more obvious since I used OPI Absolutely Alice.
Glitter french manicure-Absolutely Alice

Glitter french manicure-Absolutely Alice closeup
This was a Zoya Shimmer base under OPI Absolutely Alice tips.

But how boring would that be if that were the only thing I shared w/ you??? I felt guilty about not throwing in something new, so I’ve also got photos of one of my newest obsessions-flakies! (Of which I completely blame Nicole from Magic Maid for. See, she even admits to being my enabler here! LOL)

What are flakies you ask? They’re irregular shaped flakes of some opalescent material suspended in a non-colored base. The result when you layer it over a colored nail polish is like lighting it on fire! The light catches so many different colors as you move your hand around, it just completely transforms the base color. Lookie!
Nubar 2010 over Orly Royal Navy

Nubar 2010 over Orly Royal Navy closeup
This was Nubar 2010 (flakie layer) over Orly Royal Navy.

Not impressed? Then clearly I need to do a better photography job the next time. B/c, oh, there WILL be a next time! Bwahahaha!…ok, now that the sleep deprivation has subsided, I claim that there will be more b/c I placed an order at for more flakies w/ more, differenter (again, “That’s not even a WORD!”) opalescence. Confused? You won’t be after this week’s episode of…Soap! <—Whew! Sorry about that, the sleep deprivation is really setting in and I'll need to go to bed earlier today, but I just had to let that one out. Heehee!

Ok, well, that's all for now. I'll be working on that much promised polish application tutorial which I hope to publish at the end of this week/weekend.

Cheers for now, lovelies! 🙂

Lime Crime Haul

Lime Crime? Wait, what? You were all expecting some bling, weren’t you? I did specify in last week’s post that it would be a bling-tastic Tuesday or Wednesday. 😉 Looks like you’ll be waiting until tomorrow, but as a bonus I’ll be posting two different manicures for you to stare at. 🙂

Anywhosits, I bought some Lime Crime items from ShanaLogic. (I’ve gotta pimp her site b/c she and her online shop are so freaking fantastic. Although I’m clearly a good little consumer, i do like to pay special attention to independent artists and crafters and ShanaLogic is an awesome place to find such unique items.)

I’d been dying to try me some Lime Crime makeup for a while. The pigmentation on the eyeshadows and lipsticks looked pretty impressive from the photos on ShanaLogic which is what really intrigued me. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing a color in an eyeshadow pan or lipstick tube and applying it and finding that the product just applies a sheer wash of color (well, unless it’s supposed to be sheer).

Unfortunately, the shades I wanted to order were sold out, and I got my second choice colors which may have been for the better since these were colors I don’t already have represented in my makeup collection. I wound up with 3 shadows and a lipstick after it was all said and done and I even have lip swatches and eyeball photos! 😉
Lime Crime Haul

The packaging is cute, but maybe not everyone’s cup of tea. I was personally entertained by the holographic unicorn. 🙂

Princess Caraboo-exotic, dark green with mystic sheen
Cleopatra-coppery-orange with gorgeous sparkle
Nymph-white with brilliant sparks of gold; more gold than white
Lime Crime-eyeshadows1

Lipstick: Retrofuturist-Bright, true red with beautiful sheen
Lime Crime-lipstick1

These swatches were taken indoors, with flash so the photo looks a little brighter and more washed out than it should. And now that I look at the composition, it looks a little Xmas-y which wasn’t really what I was going for, but I’m relatively pleased w/ the pigmentation.
Lime Crime-swatches
L-R: Retrofuturist lipstick, Nymph e/s, Cleopatra e/s, and Princess Caraboo e/s

Now, I think I’m finally getting the hang of taking and editing these mouth photos. These are really my lips w/ Retrofuturist applied directly on my lips (no lipliner or primer) from the tube (I did not use a lip brush or anything).
Lime Crime-lipstick swatch

Kinda bright, eh? 😉 Bright red lipstick is a huge weakness for me. I love it, but I can’t wear it that often b/c it definitely wouldn’t be work appropriate. Yet I still find myself buying it even though the red love of my life is MAC’s Ruby Woo…odd. (Signs of addiction? LOL) Which, btw, Retrofuturist reminds me of. I’ll do a comparison swatch later.

Oh, another thing about this Lime Crime l/s, although Ruby Woo will always have my heart, I didn’t find Retrofuturist as drying as Ruby Woo. It went on pretty smoothly, didn’t have a lot of scent (if any), and stayed on my lips for good length of time, 3-4 hours and even got through pizza. I liked the formula enough that I may try out a few other l/s shades.

Now, on to the eyeball photos!
Eyeshadow closed both eyes

Eyeshadow open eyes looking down

Eyeshadow closed eye1

Eyeshadow open eye looking down

Eyeshadow open eye1

This was a look I did for work, so I toned down the colors a little in the application by applying w/ a lighter hand than I would for days when I’m not at work which resulted in the looks above. I used Nymph on the lower lid and inner eye and pulled that a little above my crease line, Cleopatra on the outer half of my lower lid and Princess Caraboo in the crease. The eyeliner is MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and the mascara was DiorShow in black which makes my lashes look really long in the photos which is weird, b/c I swear they never look like that in real life.

Who here has no idea what that previous paragraph just said aside from the product names? Again, i keep forgetting that not everyone is an obsessive beauty blog stalker like me and has no idea how to tackle proper foundation application let alone nail polish or eyeshadow application. If you guys want a more detailed tutorial I’ll put one together w/ labeled diagrams and everything! Don’t tempt me! I’m an engineer after all and may wind up turning the tutorial in to a work instruction, LOL. ;-P

If you liked what you saw above, remember, these items are available at ShanaLogic.
Shop Indie. Pass it on!

Now my kitty, Zero, leaves you w/ the following photo:
Mommy, no more pictures please!
Zero-No more pix pls

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products myself to review.