Ok, I lied…

Yeah, I said I was going to do another post after I got back from my business trip. I was meaning to throw together a Make Up For Ever post w/ the mini-haul I did a few weeks ago. Clearly this did not happen as it’s been over a week since I last did a post. Bad, beauty blogger, bad!

ANYWAYS, the reason I thought I might do this was b/c I was scrolling through my Flickr account and I realized I had uploaded a bunch of photos from recent (i.e. within the past 2 months!) Korres and Make Up For Ever (MUFE) hauls, but never did anything with them. They’ve been languishing on my Flickr photostream with only like 2 or 3 views per photo. It’s a sad, sad day when perfectly beautiful cosmetics photos aren’t shared w/ the world. 😉

In any case, I had seen promo pics for the MUFE Aqua Creams on Temptalia’s blog and got super excited to see them at my local Sephora (by local, I mean a 30-45 minute drive away b/c I live in the Mid-West and that’s how we roll). Being the beauty junkie that I am, I just had to swatch. I mean, come on! Who doesn’t love multi-purpose cosmetics that come in a rainbow of shades???

SO, after the initial loss of oxygen to the brain due to the excitement at seeing these bad boys on the shelf, I swatched my little heart out. I have a nagging suspicion that although I only walked out that day w/ 2 Aqua Creams and an Aqua Eyes pencil, I’ll be back for more of both (incidentally, I actually wound up buying #20 Intense Blue which has not been photographed as of yet, but looks amazing under MAC Atlantic Blue).

Without further ado, please look at the pretty pictures!

Make Up For Ever Haul
The boxed lovelies (there’s a bottle of brush cleaner in the pic b/c I got that in the same trip):
MUFE Haul-3

MUFE Haul-2

MUFE Haul-1

Uncapped Aqua Cream #21 Turquoise which is described as a “vibrant turquoise shimmer” which I think is pretty accurate.
Aqua Cream 21-2

Aqua Cream 21-1

Uncapped Aqua Cream #22 Emerald Green described as a “golden green sheen” which is again pretty accurate.
Aqua Cream 22-2

Aqua Cream 22-1

Finally, swatched on my hand (I’m MAC NC42 for reference). From left to right: Aqua Cream #22, Aqua Cream #21 and Aqua Eyes 7L-“light turquoise sheen” which matches AC #21 pretty well.
MUFE Aqua Cream and Aqua Eyes swatches

One more thing about these products, they claim to be waterproof so those who get incredibly pissed off when their makeup smudges, rest assured that these stay in place. I have horrendous allergies and blink a lot on top of having oily eyelids and wind up sporting raccoon eyes with poor quality eye makeup. Having these stay in place for 8+ hours over the weekend one day was heaven.

For those of you who love the Aqua Eyes #7L pencil, but can’t justify shelling out $17 for eyeliner (and really, who can blame you?!) I know that Milani LIQUIF EYE metallic eye liner Pencil in Aqua is a really good dupe color and formula-wise. It retails for about $5.50 and the best part is that you can pick it up at CVS or Walgreen’s and maybe Target too and not have to trek out to a specialty store. Heck, I have the rest of the shades except for black and find them all to be really nice.

Well, like in my life, I’ve been overly verbose and have probably bored you all to death and will just plan to do the Korres stuff in another post. Looks like you’ll have that to look forward to this weekend. I swear. I’ll post it. For real. No, don’t look at me like that! I’ll do it!

Until next time, my mutually makeup obsessed readers! ^____________^


2 responses to “Ok, I lied…

  1. Very pretty colors, Stephi!

  2. Thank you! I enjoyed them and I think I’ve used them all in the past few weeks. They’re kind of bright…LOL

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