First swatches-Rainbow Honey

These were too pretty not to share! I got two sets from a sale on if Rainbow Honey polish. Here are quick swatches of two of the polishes:

Koi Pond over Cult Nails “Blackout”


Koi Pond over Cult Nails “Tempest”20130131-175842.jpg

Worst Possible Thing over Cult Nails “Discipline”20130131-175849.jpg

And a bonus of the full manicure of the last swatch:



Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

Hola, lovelies!

Yep, me again. I decided to be ambitious and swatch all six, yes SIX, of the Revlon Colorburst lip butters in my possession. Why so many you ask? B/c they’re freaking awesome!!!

L to R: Pink Truffle, Sweet Tart, Lollipop, Raspberry Pie, Candy Apple, Red Velvet
Group shot Colorburst 01

Simply packaged and reasonably priced, these bad boys are great for those interested in trying out color (I’m looking at YOU Ms. Celeste) but don’t want to spend a fortune on finding the right shades for fear of looking like a toddler who smeared their face w/ something designed to make them look jaundiced.

L to R: Pink Truffle, Sweet Tart, Lollipop, Raspberry Pie, Candy Apple, Red Velvet
Group shot Colorburst 02

The texture is buttery and smooth and the color payoff is actually quite impressive for a lip butter (other lip butters I’ve tried are a bit more sheer). Wear time is also pretty decent at 2-3 hours for me even if I have a cup of coffee and talk a lot (and holy god do I have to talk a lot at work sometimes!). The other plus for me has been that my lips are left soft and not at all dried once it’s worn off.

I think the thing I like about them is how they feel on my lips. Some lip products can feel almost suffocating or w/ a feel making it glaringly apparent that I have something coating my lips. This really does feel more like a lip balm w/ a touch of slip, but the comfort of a lip hugging balm. Those scent sensitive also shouldn’t be scared away, as whatever scent there might is very minor and doesn’t linger. I also wouldn’t be terribly concerned should you not have a mirror handy for reapplication (i.e. these might be pretty handy for touch ups in a drunken haze).

L to R: Pink Truffle, Sweet Tart, Lollipop, Raspberry Pie, Candy Apple, Red Velvet
Colorburst arm swatches

Come take a look at these tasties on the lip, but first, scary bare lips for reference:
bare lips

Pink Truffle: I personally consider this a pretty good MLBB (my lips but better) shade, but from what I understand, maybe not for all the ladies. It wears as a warmer, pink-y brown. I’m so partial to this one I *may* have worn it on interviews (shhhh! anyone reading this from work, I really mean for “supplier and customer visits”)
Pink Truffle

Sweet Tart: This one leans a touch cool and definitely brighter, but not too bright where people at work might look at you funny wondering why you suddenly decided DayGlo pink would be a *good* look to sport at an automotive engineering facility.
Sweet Tart

Lollipop: Ok, now this one might be a little much for your work-a-day gal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely color, but you’ll definitely want to blot this one a few times if you decide to wear it in to the office. Well, unless you’re me, then you might do it anyways to make your predominantly male co-workers JUST a touch squeamish that you have lady bits (yeah, I’m THAT woman). This one’s a nice bright fuchsia w/ an iridescent blue/purple shimmer that kind of reminds me of MAC’s Show Orchid and is something I rocked a lot on the weekends or night’s out in the summer. LOVE!

Raspberry Pie: A juicy, glossy darkened raspberry shade that works pretty great in the fall for that deep berry lip that you KNOW you want to try, but don’t want to wind up looking like Twilight reject.
Raspberry Pie

Candy Apple: In the tube it looks a little scary and bright and orange-y, but not so on the lip! I think this might actually work well for those wanting to try a a bright, red lip, but are scared of being the woman you pass on the street and think, “Oh hai, Bozo!” I’d call this one a sheer, neutral, shiny (but not blindingly glossy) red.
Candy Apple

Red Velvet: Yup ANOTHER red. B/c lord knows I need ANOTHER red lip product like I need a hole in the head. This lovely is warmer and deeper than Candy Apple and definitely a bit more opaque. Red Velvet was completely an appropriate name for this shade!
Red Velvet

I bought all of the above (except for Pink Truffle and Lollipop which I’d picked up earlier this year) at ULTA last week. They have a buy one, get one half off special until tomorrow (11/30) on these in-store and online for a whopping…wait for it……$7.49/tube! Not bad, eh?

What are you waiting for??? Go out and grab some of your very own NOW!!!

Be sure to let me know which of my swatches have teased your wallet open! 🙂

Polish You Can’t Have

Seriously. Sorry to tempt you guys w/ a beautiful color you can’t have, but it’s too damn pretty NOT to share.

I picked this lovely gem up during Ji Baek’s last (and first!) Fan Collection for Rescue Beauty Lounge. The collection was based on specific inspiration and input from fans.

This is one of my favorite Indie brands; Ji has great customer service and has been really responsive in the past to customer concerns. Anyways, the other reason I love this brand is the unique colors and quality of the polish. The polish is beautiful and smooth on application after two coats (sometimes one!) and super shiny without a top coat.

Enough rambling-here’s the pretty polish!

IKB 2012

OPI Affair in Red Square

Just a quickie manicure post of OPI Affair in Red Square. Standard manicure except I tried out Seche’s UV top coat. Word to the wise, if the SA suggests a UV curing lamp with a higher wattage bulb, DO IT. The dry time is dramatically different with a lower wattage bulb.

OPI Affair in Red Square

Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Hello again, lovelies! See? It didn’t take me a whole year to get back to you! 🙂

The lovely ladies at the Nordstrom Guerlain counter at Twelve Oaks in Northville, MI were kind enough to set aside a few items for me from the 2012 Holiday collection. Whilst I was there, I took the opportunity to swatch a few items. I snapped a few quick photos of the Calligraphy palette, Lou-Ling & Altoum Rouge Shine Automatiques, and the Turandot eyeshadow quad. What I didn’t take photos of, but still wished I’d grabbed were the Meteorites Perles du Dragon and the Meteorites Wulong compact (ahem, Mr. Entropy, this would make a lovely Saturnalia offering).

Enjoy the teasers until I can properly swatch Lou-Ling and the Calligraphy palette! (All swatches on NC42 skin.)

Counter display
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Meteorites Wulong compact
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Calligraphy palette
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Swatches of Calligraphy palette eyeshadow and liner (bottom)
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Turandot eyeshadow palette
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

Swatches of Rouge Automatiques Lou-Ling (top) and Altoum (bottom)
Guerlain Holiday 2012 Teasers

What do you think? Should I go back for the Wulong compact or Turandot eyeshadow quad? Have my swatches tempted you?